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The 2020-21 aspire guide is now available online!

Are you ambitious, but unsure about what opportunities are out there? upReach believe all sixth-form students have the right to access information regarding their post-18 options.

The aspire project provides inspiration, information and advice to help sixth formers understand their post-18 options in a post-Covid world. Thousands of young people are leaving school unsure what opportunities are available to them, and this year will have had even less access to career support due to Covid-19.

Therefore, upReach have launched the free 60-page aspire guide aiming to help students understand more about careers and make more informed decisions whilst at school. Alongside this, the aspire Career Video Library has been created to provide insight into different sectors from experts in the field.

aspire is designed to encourage sixth form students to aim high and achieve their potential. Find out what people just like you have gone on to achieve, by reading our guide and viewing our video library!

See below to download the aspire guide and watch the aspire Career Video Library!

Download a free copy of the aspire guide below






Inside the guide:

  • Myth-busting advice about universities, gap years, school leaver programmes, and apprenticeships


  • Inspirational stories and tips for success from students just like you


  • The tuition fee and student loans system explained


  • Money budgeting tips


  • How to manage wellbeing at university 


  • Exploration of 26 exciting careers


  • CV guidance

And much more!

aspire Career Library 

The aspire Career Video Library holds a range of sector specific videos offering an insight into different job roles and opportunities available to you. We asked experts to provide guidance for those exploring their options to help them make more informed decisions. Watch the different sector videos to learn more!

Thanks to the volunteers who helped make these videos happen through the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Consultancy Sector
The Creative Sector
Banking & Finance Sector


The Charity Sector


The Legal Sector

Coming soon…

Insight into the Public Sector

Insight into the Technology Sector

Insight into Professional Services

Insight into Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Investment Sector






An insight into university…

9 students discuss their journeys to university

9 key insights into what university life is like

10 top tips for tackling university applications

6 students’ advice: when should you start thinking about careers?

Teachers: download your free aspire toolkit

aspire is designed to encourage sixth form students to aim high, stretch themselves and achieve their potential.

The aspire teachers resources pack contains everything you need to deliver an effective and engaging session about university and careers. By clicking on the button above and registering, you will be sent:

  • A 15 minute Assembly Presentation
  • A shorter, 5 minute version also suitable for Daily Notices
  • An easy-to-use Teacher Guide and Script
  • A free, electronic copy of the aspire guide, an invaluable 60-page careers resource for your students

The aspire resources provide information about a range of post-18 options, from university to school leaver programmes and apprenticeships, as well as careers advice and inspiration. They also provide important role models: students who have come from less-advantaged backgrounds and broken into careers that can otherwise seem hard to reach. The presentations include links to our videos of high-achieving students talking about their experiences and their tips for sixth formers.

The 15 and 5 minute versions of the assembly mean you have flexibility to extend or shorten the presentation according to your needs. The presentations can also be lengthened by playing more of the aspire videos above. Please feel free to pass on the teacher resources to Year 12 and 13 tutors at your school. The aspire guide itself cannot be redistributed without upReach’s permission.

Parents and guardians: download your free aspire guide

Research shows that parents are the number one source of information for most young people. The aspire guide will help you understand the range of post-school/college options out there, enabling you to help guide your son or daughter through an important decision. By clicking on the button above and registering, you will be sent your own free copy.

aspire contains everything you need to encourage your son or daughter to aim high, stretch themselves and achieve their potential.

About aspire

At upReach we work with some amazing undergraduates, and in 2018 we celebrated student achievement at the inaugural Student Social Mobility Awards. The nominees and winners had overcome huge barriers to achieve great success academically, professionally and personally. We wanted to share their stories and their tips for sixth formers, to inspire other young people to think about their future and work to realise their potential.

These students inspired the aspire project. As well as the guide and resources for teachers, we recorded videos of the Student Social Mobility Award nominees discussing their experiences and answering our questions about university and careers. We hope that this project will inspire sixth formers all over the UK to aim high, stretch themselves and realise their potential.

You can find out more about the Student Social Mobility Awards at

About upReach

upReach works to create the conditions for less-advantaged undergraduates to access and sustain top jobs. We passionately believe in empowering young people through education, networks and skill sharing.

To this end, upReach delivers a free, comprehensive professional development programme to undergraduates from less-advantaged backgrounds. Students who receive upReach’s support who leave university with a graduate job start on a mean salary of over £5,500 more than the average graduate!

Click here to see if you’re eligible to receive upReach’s programme of support.

If you are eligible, and you’re currently in Year 12 or 13, you can register your interest in receiving upReach’s support once you get to university by filling out this short form. Follow the instructions at the top of the page, and we will contact you in late August with further instructions.

To find out more about upReach, including how you can get involved as an individual, university or employer, visit


We would love to hear your feedback about aspire. All feedback will be personally read by the CEO of upReach.

To provide feedback or contact us about anything else, including purchasing a hard copy of the aspire guide, please fill out this form.

Thank you for your interest in aspire.
John Craven, Chief Executive, upReach